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Compared to a popular knife steel as CPM-S30V that has a higher Carbon and Vanadium content and having a coarser carbide structure Damasteel will have a finer carbide structure that allows for a sharper edge that is easy to maintain. This is of course important for delicate cutting operations such as skinning, butchering and carving meat were ...

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Steel is only one variable of a good knife, and I think that it is sometimes over-emphasized on many knife forums. (Some may consider this heresy :p ). _____ I suspect another variable in the S30V vs. VG-10 debate may be country of origin - the S30V knives are made in Golden and the VG-10 knives are made in Japan.

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For all its glass-smooth slices, VG10 needs regular maintenance. And it's clear that VG10 is no longer state of the art steel. Stropping and sharpening VG10 is very difficult. It's not much easier to sharpen than S30V, despite being noticeably poorer in edge retention. In this regard, 1095 actually does quite well.

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1,619. Dec 7, 2004. #4. Personally, I prefer VG-10. It is probably my favorite stainless steel. S30V may have the edge in toughness, but the VG-10 just seems to cut better. The knives I have made of VG-10 just seem to cut more aggressively than any of my other knives. This is just my opinion of course.

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vg-10 is a great steel ... much cheaper and more stain resistant. it takes a nice toothy edge and is easier for me to sharpen although it does not last as long as s 30v. for raw performance s 30v is better, but for value i would say vg-10 has the advantage selfinflicted Joined Oct 1, 2003 Messages 611 Dec 8, 2004 #6

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Although the two steel types in S30V vs. VG10 provide excellent qualities for a knife blade, there are identifiable differences. Having learned the chemical composition and individual properties of each steel blade, here are some critical differences between the two steel types.

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VG10 vs. 154CM. These two steels are equivalents. Both share a price range and have close chemical compositions. While they score highly in edge retention, resistance to wear and corrosion, and toughness, the 154CM performs better than VG10. VG10 vs. S30V. These two steels have similar edge retention, ease of sharpening, and corrosion resistance.

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What might help some folks decide is the price. Some VG10 knives are more affordable than 3G options. 3G Steel vs S30V. The S30V is also a premium high-carbon stainless steel grade. It has very high chromium content so it can offer excellent corrosion resistance. Performance-wise, both are very tough and durable blade steels.

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As TrickyVic said VG10 and 154cm are just about equal. S30v will hold an edge a little longer because it is a harder steel. Because it is harder it will chip a little easier. I have never had a problem with s30v chipping, but other people have. All three steels are stainless, so that is not really an issue.

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The combination of the VG 10 steel makes its hard steel and easy to sharpen at the same time, so the sharpening experience won't be so hard for the VG10. Machinability: The VG10 is very machinable and easy to grind. Toughness: The VG10 is a sturdy steel, being stainless steel with a high level of chromium in it, it also has Molybdenum which ...

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However, because of its extreme hardness, this S30V steel is harder to sharpen than the Sk5. Sk5 vs AUS 8. AUS 8 is harder to sharpen, yet it still keeps a pleasant edge. Unlike the Sk5 grades, producers have alloyed AUS 8 with vanadium to improve edge retention and corrosion resistance. Sk5 vs VG10

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VG10 is a mediocre knife steel. Good enough but probably bottom tier of your list. M390 has excellent edge retention when the heat treat is right, but the high hardness means it can be a bitch to sharpen. S35VN is an excellent all around steel you can't really go wrong with. No experience with super gold.

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S30V is the knife steel most often compared to vg10. S30V is a high quality steel that originates from America. Just like VG 10 stainless steel, S30V has amazing edge retention and rust resistant qualities. However, S30V is more often seen in folding pocket knives and EDC knives than it is in a Japanese knife in your kitchen.

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CPM S30V. What it is: CPM S30V is a "Crucible Particle Metallurgy" stainless steel, widely regarded as a "super steel" for its properties and performance. Advantages: Wear resistance, corrosion resistance. Disadvantages: Relatively difficult to sharpen, can be prone to chipping in certain applications.

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S30V is, in many eyes, the ultimate EDC steel. Exhibiting very good edge retention, corrosion resistance, and sharpenability, S30V is utilized by a variety of makers for its performance and balance. ... Strength and toughness are comparable to that found on VG-10 or 154CM. This steel has extremely good corrosion resistant properties. VG-10.

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S30V is more of a steel nuts steel, most people with S30V can sharpen a knife. Newbies find the steel a bit hard to sharpen in my experience (my friends complain they cant get it sharp). VG10 is a more newbie friendly steel offering good performance while still being easy to sharpen. Much like ATS34 or 154cm.

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VG-10 is a staple knife steel, for us. It provides an incredible balance of sharpness, edge retention, and corrosion resistance. It's a Japanese steel originally developed for horticultural use, but it's become very popular in the US and Europe. It's fairly affordable… you can find plenty of knives that use VG-10 under or around one ...

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VG10 (V-Gold 10) - stainless steel. VG10 is a stainless steel type with a - for stainless steel - high carbon percentage, i.e. 1%. This makes VG10 harder than most stainless steel types. The cutting characteristics are very good and VG10 is easy to sharpen razor sharp.

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VG10 is known for losing its hair-splitting ultra-fine edge relatively quickly but does retain a good quality, very workable edge for a long time. If you need high performance for longer, S30v may be the better choice for you. The steel is known for maintaining good performance for a while and will keep you good for an extended usage period.

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VG-10 Knife Steel Very similar to the ATS-34 and 154CM grades but with a higher vanadium content, this steel behaves equally as well but with more stain resistance and toughness. The additional vanadium also allows it to hold an excellent edge.

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VG-10 stainless or not completly stainless D2 high chromium, high carbon tool steel? They both claim to have a 60-62 RC and the price is about the same maybe $10 more for the VG-10. Anyone have any experience with these metals? Also what benefit realistically am I giving up If i go with a 3" blade vs a 4"?

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Vg10 vs s30v Vg10 vs s30v. Vg10 vs s30v

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VG10 Steel Review. VG10 is one of the most famous steels in Japan. It is a Japanese high-quality stainless steel that is high in Vanadium and Carbon. VG10 steel offers great edge retention, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, hardness, and toughness; that is why it is widely used for making knife blades and other tools.

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While an expensive steel material, VG 10 cost is still more affordable than the S30V. Its sharpening process is also much simpler and more comfortable to perform compared to super steels such as the S30V. You can say that the VG 10 is more or less a balanced, cost-effective material for general tasks.

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Blade steel; CPM-M4 vs VG-10 vs S30V vs ZDP-189. Post by alucardje » Fri May 25, 2012 12:02 pm . Hello guys, I have a question. Having tested a Stretch and endura in ZDP189, a military and a paramilitary in S30V, an endura in VG-10 and a Gayle bradley in CPM-M4, I get confusing results.

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S30V from a reputable company with good heat treat ie Spyderco/CRK will not chip from what I've seen. Also S30V is a better hard use steel imo. That being said VG-10 is my favorite overall steel and a superb cheaper alternative to S30V and my go to choice for edc purpose folders. Basically go with whatever you want and you wont regret either ...

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Subjecting both knife steels to similar conditions to test toughness shows that the S30V is slightly tougher than VG10. Machinability While both are machinable, the S30V shows superior properties of machinability compared to VG10. The presence of 2% Mo in S30Vis 0.8% higher than in VG10, making the S30V easier to grind.