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Dyneema ® UD is a unidirectional laminate made of two layers of extended chain polyethylene filament tows, cross plied and sandwiched in a thermoplastic film. It is one of the strongest 47–49 and most exclusive fibre laminates designed for ballistic protection. It is very thin and one of the lightest ballistic protection materials available, with a relative density lower than that of water ...

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When deciding what rope best suits your need, it is often a matter of compromise. There are 5 major synthetic ropes in use for boat and marine applications. Polypropylene, Polyester, Nylon, UHMWPE (Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene) and Aramids (Kevlar®, Technora®, Vectran®, etc). Each has outstanding virtues and each has faults.

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For more control over your load, this rope has excellent resistance to stretch and slip. It is a high-performance polyester also known as Vectran. It's braided with a hollow core, so it's easier to splice than other rope for adding a fitting or connecting rope together. It does not rotate under load.. Note: The safety factor for capacity is 5:1. Warning: Never use to lift people or items over ...

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Manufacturer of standard & custom Vectran® rope. Available in flat braid, solid braid, double braid, hollow braid, diamond braid, plain weave, single braid with core, braided & twisted & coated constructions in dia. from 0.015 in. to 0.5 in. Features include dielectric strength, property retention at extreme temperatures, vibration dampening characteristics & resistance to …

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Vectran. Vectran is slightly weaker than Dyneema® fiber, but does not suffer from creep (elongation under continuous high load). At the same diameter, Vectran is five times stronger than steel. The line stretches barely (1.8%) and is very flexible to use. Because of these properties Vectran is suitable as halyard or backstay.

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Vectran Rope Assemblies ... Vectran fiber is made of LCP, liquid crystal polymer, and beyond the high strength and low creep properties the fiber exhibits: high modulus, high melting temperature, excellent tensile and bend fatigue resistance, excellent cut resistance, high flexibility, low coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) and high ...

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In fact, Vectran exhibits high LOI (Limit Oxygen Index) values of 30%, that is comparable to the traditional aramid, but with a better cut resistance in knit and woven fabrics. Secondly, Vectran is used to make ropes and narrow fabrics. Flexural fatigue is a critical concern in many applications where the yarns and fabrics are subjected to ...

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Vectran rope has exceptional strength combined with ultra-low creep and elongation. For this reason, Vectran fiber is commonly used for long-term static and dynamic load situations where precision consistent length over time is a key factor.

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Creep. Some rope fibers, e.g., Vectran and Dacron, are almost unaffected by prolonged heavy loads. Other fibers, e.g., HMPE (Dyneema, Spectra) respond by stretching slowly under high loads. This is known as Creep. In some applications Creep is not critical. In others, e.g., stays for a mast, Creep can be a major disadvantage.

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TwinLine LLC is a well-known National / International distributor of Para Aramid fibers, Kevlar®, and Technora®, Liquid Crystal Polymer, Vectran® and Ultra-High-Molecular-Weight Polyethylene, Spectra®. Our products include stranded and braided cords, sleeved with high tenacity Polyester and unsleeved from 50 lb test to several 1000 lbs break strengths.

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Home / Product Information / Fibers & Textiles / Vectran™. Vectran™ is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Vectran™ fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. Pound for pound, Vectran™ fiber is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum.

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Technora core with braided polyester. High strength and abrasion-resistant rope in small diameters; easy to render and splice. Very low stretch lashings, micro-sized purchase systems and control lines. MINI-V VECTRAN DOUBLE BRAID DIA. 2mm 3mm 4mm.71% LBS. 270 900 1,400 Braided vectran core with abrasion-resisting polyester cover.


LCP fiber in the world. Vectran® fibers have been utilized by NASA on the Mars Pathfinder. Composition Vectran® is an aromatic polyester spun from a liquid crystal polymer in a melt extrusion process. This process orients the molecules along the fiber axis, resulting in a high tenacity fiber. Vectran® is thermotropic and melts at 330°C.

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Technora/ Vectran Ropes. 5 products. Grainger carries a wide range of ropes and twines to help with pulling, lifting and towing in industry and marine applications. Browse a large selection, from arborist line to weeping cord, for the rope type, tensile strength, working load limit, length and color that fits the work your operation does. ...

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External abrasion resistance Abrasion test comparisons of Vectran™ and aramid braids were conducted by a high-performance rope and cable company using the test shown. With or without marine finish on the braid, Vectran™ outperforms aramid materials. External abrasion resistance, marine applications Yarn-on-yarn abrasion resistance Fatigue resistance can be measured …

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Dyneema® fibers for marine and industrial applications. Dyneema® SK75 is the multi-purpose grade. This versatile grade is used in most marine applications like ropes, lines, nets and lifting gear. Dyneema® SK62 is an intermediate grade. It has a lower tenacity and is used in netting applications and in rope

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Vectran Double Braid. Vectran is a high-performance multifilament yarn spun from liquid crystal polymer (LCP). Our Vectran is covered in a Special Hard wearing cover designed for longest life and protection of the Vectran Core. High strength and modulus. Excellent creep resistance.

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Manufacturer of standard & custom Vectran® rope. Available in flat braid, solid braid, double braid, hollow braid, diamond braid, plain weave, single braid with core, braided & twisted & coated constructions in dia. from 0.015 in. to 0.5 in. …


n Ropes and cables n Recreation and leisure n Aerospace n Industrial n Electronics FIBER CHEMISTRY Vectran™ offers a balance of properties unmatched by other high performance fibers. LCP polymer molecules are stiff, rod-like structures organized in ordered domains in both solid and melt states. These oriented domains lead to anisotropic

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Ropes and cables. With its unique combination of properties, Technora® yarn has a proven track record in challenging and demanding fields – including the mining, offshore and leisure industries – reinforcing and strengthening ropes and cables and making them safer and easier to …

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Vectra also has a high resistance to UV radiation. Due to it's high strength, low weight, low stretch, and superior abrasion resistant properties, Vectran is often used to replace wire in a variety of applications. CBKnot carries a variety of ropes with Vectran fibers by both Samson Rope and New England Ropes (Teufelberger).

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New England Ropes V-12 Vectran is a low-stretch, high strength line perfect for high-load rigging needs like stays and halyards. For this and other New Engl...

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Technora is an aramid of the same family as Kevlar, Twaron or Vectran. Like them it shares similar properties. It was developed by a Dutch company, Teijin. It has improved fatigue resistance. Reported strength is higher than Kevlar. The strength or breaking strength of a rope. This is the load at which a rope breaks under laboratory conditions.

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Vectran™ fiber exhibits exceptional strength and rigidity. It is five times stronger than steel and ten times stronger than aluminum on a weight for weight basis. It exhibits good abrasion resistance, good high-temperature resistance and high tenacity and modulus.

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Vectran® and its properties The raw material. Vectran® is the property of the Japanese company Kuraray and is processed by IMATTEC. This polymer is based on LCP (Liquid Crystal Polymer) technology. IMATTEC, as a specialist in advanced technical textiles, has chosen to promote Vectran® for its many qualities and high levels of performance.

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Please first select the size of the desire rope and then the color. VECTRAN Racing line V-PROFI This excellent rope exhibits outstanding strength, low elongation and, moreover, the unique property of Vectran – minimum cold creep. Thanks to those properties, V-PROFI is exceptionally fitting for all halyards and backstays.

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New England Ropes Vectran 12 Strand single braid. Highest strength per given diameter. Very low stretch. Ideal for halyards and control lines for high performance racing boats. Also used as leech line on premium quality sails. Spliceable.